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‘Cities’ aims at having photographers focusing on architectural elements, delving into urban lifestyles, and also looking at life on the street.



‘Nature’ is a theme that can be best explained as landscapes, wildlife, and the scientific curiosities that exist in the natural world. Themes such as agriculture, the oceans, forests, freshwater bodies, and mountains are all accepted.



‘People’ focuses on the human figure, which has long been a source of fascination and inspiration. The focus should include portraits and scenes that provide a glimpse into daily life, with a person or persons being the main subject or theme of the study.



‘Abstract’ is our experimental category. There is no concept in this theme, and photographers are invited to be non-objective and to come up with visual photographs that can evoke a deep-thought process in the viewer. All kinds of digital manipulation are allowed in this category.



‘Storytelling’ is a category that invites the photographer to submit a series of 5 images. While it is true that every photograph has its own story, sometimes one image does not do the story justice. As such, we would like photographers to tell a story through a collection of images that work harmoniously together.

Visit our Award Rules section to find out more details about the specifications to keep in mind when submitting your photographs.