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Here at the Malta International Photo Award, we believe that every photographer should have the opportunity to learn and grow from the work that they submit. As such, we are committed to providing the opportunity for every participant submitting photographs to choose to have them reviewed by one of our expert Jury members.

Our evaluation process is both clear and transparent, and will allow photographers to receive personal feedback about their pictures from the Chairman of the Jury, Prof. Arne Hodalič. Arne is currently the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine (Slovene Edition), and has over four decades of photography experience to his name. His work has been featured in several renowned publications including National Geographic Magazine, Life (USA), Time, Marie Claire, Nature, Die Zeit, Figaro Magazine, and many others.


How does the Evaluation Process Work?

The evaluation process is completely optional, and not necessary when submitting your photographs to any of our categories.

If you have requested this evaluation, Arne will study your pictures and draft a careful and in-depth analysis. Once the results of the awards are announced on the 20th December 2018, you will receive your feedback directly in the members' area of your MIPA account.

How do I apply for it?

When submitting your photographs for the Malta International Photo Award, you can click 'Yes' on the optional 'Picture Evaluation Request'.

Should you still be unsure if you want to have your photographs evaluated, you can opt for evaluation after you submit your photographs. Simply visit the 'My Submissions' page in your account, select the image you want to have Arne evaluate, and click on 'Request Evaluation'.

How much does it cost?

An Evaluation fee of €10 is required for each photograph submitted in the categories of Nature, People, Abstract and Cities.

An Evaluation fee of €30 is required for each series submitted in the Storytelling category.